The Land & Rivers Fund is Hiring-Sales and Marketing Manager


Position: Sales & Marketing Manager

Employer: Eagle River Watershed Council

Part-time (Approximately 20 hours per week)

Duration: 3 Months, with a possible extension upon successful completion


Job Description

The Land & Rivers Fund protects the land and rivers in our community that we all love. The primary beneficiaries, the Eagle River Watershed Council (ERWC) and the Eagle Valley Land Trust (EVLT), are the only nonprofits in our community whose primary focus is to protect our local natural resources. The Land & Rivers Fund is no cost to retailers and an affordable way for people to protect the land and rivers of our community. Participating businesses get to showcase their support of land and river protection by simply adding a 1% donation surcharge to qualifying purchases. A voluntary donation, customers may ask for the surcharge to be removed. Not just for EVLT and ERWC, The Land & Rivers Fund also funds a community grant program available to other organizations and communities as they work to improve natural resources in our area. As more donations are received, more funding becomes available to our community.


General Job Description: Reporting to the Executive Directors (EDs) of the Eagle River Watershed Council (ERWC) and the Eagle Valley Land Trust (EVLT), the employee shall pursue new participants (businesses)  for the Land & Rivers Fund program and oversee implementation for new participants as well as the day-to-day operations of the program as directed by the EDs.


Key Responsibilities

  1. Over the first 5 weeks approach at least 100 businesses; follow through and approach more businesses as time permits.
  2. Make initial pitch according to timeline/plan.
  3. Coordinate with board members and staff where required by the plan to get ”warm” introduction.
  4. Onboarding:
    1. Getting contract signed by program participants (businesses).
    2. Follow through to implementation including:
      1. Providing participants with signs and content for their web/social media.
      2. Obtaining business’s logos and blurbs.
      3. Initial website and social media follow through.
      4. Database updates.


  1. Write press releases.
  2. Put systems in place to ensure that participating businesses receive all of their benefits.
    1. Prepping town talks.
    2. Updating ads in the paper.
    3. Logos on website.
    4. Blog posts.
    5. Social media posts.
    6. Other duties as assigned.
  3. Establish a positive rapport with participating business owners and staff.
  4. Periodically contacting businesses to see if they need supplies.
  5. Delivering new supplies.
  6. Collections of payments.


Candidate profile

Personality:  Friendly, tactful and sensitive. Self-starter and a problem solver with a positive outlook, good organizational skills and strong attention to detail. Respectful. Comfortable with collections. Enthusiastic with a sense of humor.

Specific Job Skills: Sales & administration experience. Project management and data entry. Able to communicate and motivate via written word as well as through face-to-face contacts. Familiarity with Eagle River Watershed Council and Eagle Valley Land Trust a plus. Must be adept in MS Office, WordPress and Google Suite.

Requirements, Compensation and Work Environment

  1. Valid driver’s license and ability to drive for work.
  2. Employee must provide employee’s own office with internet connection and privacy to protect confidentiality of clients.
  3. This position will require approximately 20 hours per week.   
  4. There are no healthcare or other benefits associated with this position.
  5. This position will require work outside of the employee’s home office visiting and soliciting program participants and meeting with employer. Regular office time (at employee’s home office) will be required.
  6. Work requires some physical exertion such as walking, standing, lifting (up to 50 lbs), carrying, or similar activities, sometimes in inclement weather.
  7. Compensation: $833.33.00 per pay period (twice monthly) for the 3 months.  plus a bonus of $100.00 per new business successfully implementing the program. After adding 25 new businesses, this bonus shall increase to $200.00 per new business.

How to Apply

Send a cover letter and resume to info@landandrivers.org. The position will be open until filled. We plan to reply to all applicants within three weeks of application receipt. Employment offer will be subject to background check.