Which local business are participating?

There is a rapidly growing group of businesses that have joined the program. For the most update list, go to the “Participating Businesses” tab

Where does my donation go?

All donations received are used directly by EVLT and ERWC within the Eagle River and Colorado River watersheds to help fund their objectives of promoting clean water and responsible growth through preservation of open space, agricultural operations, fish and wildlife habitat, public recreation, scenic vistas and significant natural resources. EVLT and ERWC work with landowners and local, state and federal agencies to help identify and protect land and water with these key values. Already, over 11,000 acres of land has been placed in conservation easements, while many projects are currently underway that will significantly add to this acreage. Over 40 miles of stream banks and fish habitat have been restored and protected. Every year, well over 5,000 points of water quality data are collected and analyzed in an effort to stay ahead of threats to stream health.


How do I opt out?

Before you pay at the register, simply say that you would like to opt out of the 1% donation program.