The Land and the Rivers.  A Story of Collaboration. 

In 2016, the Eagle Valley Land Trust heard about a surcharge program from another land trust in Colorado. Seeing an opportunity to further fund its mission with great potential, the Land Trust immediately reached out to its frequent partner, Eagle River Watershed Council (now Eagle River Coalition), the only other nonprofit whose mission is focused on the protection of our local natural resources.  The two nonprofits and their boards quickly recognized that we could form an even stronger program together and the planning began in earnest. Teaming up to research, design, and implement a joint program, the organizations created a memorandum of understanding to outline expectations and key responsibilities. In addition, each organization designated two board members to sit on an oversight committee that meets at least two times throughout the year.

Eagle River Coalition and Eagle Valley Land Trust

The Land and Rivers Fund benefits the ongoing conservation efforts of Eagle River Coalition (formerly Eagle River Watershed Council) and Eagle Valley Land Trust through partnerships with local businesses. Participating businesses collect a small, optional (typically 1%) donation on qualifying purchases. The funds are split between the organizations to help them protect fish and wildlife habitat, scenic views, agricultural heritage and recreational access of Eagle County.

Eagle River Coalition advocates for the health and conservation of the Upper Colorado and Eagle River basins through research, education and projects.

The Eagle Valley Land Trust is dedicated to protecting the lands we love, to preserve our heritage, scenic beauty, recreational opportunities, and wildlife habitats, and to build a permanent legacy for future generations.